Mitchell Gant

Mitchell is a first year Computational Media major. He makes digital art using either Photoshop or Corel Painter, as well as traditional art. He aspires to eventually work for an animation studio like Pixar or DreamWorks. He is working on finding a means of displaying his work in a central location. AASU is looking forward to seeing Mitchell continue to develop as an artist!

Rica G

Rica G is a recent Tech alum whose whole existence is devoted to understanding, alleviating, illuminating, and celebrating the black experience. She's been giving back to the black community at Georgia Tech since she arrived and now we want to give back to her, in our small way. Above are her logo, recently published book of poetry, and a picture of her performing at the What's Going On social justice concert.

Piera Moore

Piera Moore, graduate of Westlake High School, is a freshman studio art major at Spelman College. She is a proud black woman and Atlanta native. Her arts reflects her values and identity. She does photography and custom paintings as well as web, fashion, and graphic design. We're very excited to see her continue to learn and grow. 

Visit her website to view more of her work!

Kendall Rankin

Kendall Rankin is a third-year industrial engineer and AASU regular. She's a Georgia Tech ambassador, member of Omicron Delta Kappa, programs chair for the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers, and founder of her very own nonprofit mentoring initiative, the Diamond Campaign. She loves giving back to her community and we love to support her. Her voice is a favorite of ours. Check out some her tracks above.

Donjhae Acrylics

Donjhae Jones is a fourth year chemistry major and track athlete. Her paintings reflect the beauty, grace, and strength of black women. Donjhae has even been commissioned to do a series of nine paintings for a mystery collector. He star will continue to rise and AASU will be here to support and document her success all the while.

Visit her website to view more of her work!