BLC 2016

The Black Leadership Conference is a day-long event designed to foster leadership, professional development, and cultural competency among black students at Georgia Tech. This year, our theme was Intersectionality. On an increasingly global campus in the heart of Atlanta, historically a bastion of social and political action, we thought it imperative to discuss the implications overlapping social identities. Not only did we examine the resulting marginalization resulting from the intersection of blackness with various other identities, we also learned to celebrate, encourage, and understand these differences. In gaining a more complete understanding of how they can advocate for social justice across the vast spectrum of black identity, our attendees left the conference better prepared to serve and lead within our community and others.

We had workshops focusing on the intersections of blackness with womanhood, LGBTQIA+, socioeconomic class, and Islam. In addition to these, social justice writer and activist Shaun King served as our keynote speaker, focusing on Atlanta's rich history of contributions from black people of all backgrounds. 

Please see below the flyers from some of our incredible workshops!