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Next General Body Meeting: September 5,2017!

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UnClique is a program started by the 2017 AASUper Lit Executive Board that will foster Coalition Building and attempt to alleviate the issues of 'Cliques' in the BSO.

This is an opt-in program and by submitting your contact information, you agree to be randomly paired, on a weekly basis (pending) with another user who has opted into the UnClique Program. This will be done in an effort to meet new people outside of your immediate social sphere. You are encouraged to go get coffee, lunch in the student center, set up a study date, or whatever you two agree upon in an effort to meet. Engagements can last 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, or however long you both deem comfortable.

If you feel that your match is a threat to your personal safety, you are encouraged to reach out to the AASU President at gtaasu.president@gmail.com


We're excited to continue bonding with our AASU family. There's lots of fun and engaging content on this website: articles on contemporary social, economic, and political issues that affect black people; spotlights on black artists at Georgia Tech and around Atlanta; and of course, descriptions about everything AASU does to improve the black experience at Tech!

The African American Student Union at the Georgia Institute of Technology was founded on April 4th, 1968. We work actively and vigorously to improve the black experience at the Institute by providing enjoyable, impactful programming, advocacy, representation, and fellowship. We are guided by our eight pillars of unity: self cultural awareness, effective leadership, community service, scholarship, coalition building, social awareness, political awareness, and economic empowerment. For more detailed information about us, visit the "About" and "Event" tabs in the main navigation header.

General body meetings are every Tuesday from 11 am to 12 pm in the GT Student Center Theater! Be sure to join us and spend time with your brothers and sisters! We look forward to seeing you there!

2017 African American Student Union Executive Board

To find out more about each executive board member, head over to "E-board and Committees" under the "About" tab!

Front: Giovanni Malcolm, Rico Henderson II

Middle: Shanice Saunders, Leah Miller, Danyelle Holder, Camille Atere-Roberts, Maria Yagne,              Darryl Terry II 

Back: Raianna Brown, Seyi Gbadegesin, Nicholas Johnson, Gregory Williams, Steve Nkuranga,                        Ta Nycia Wooden

2017 Black History Month Lecture Speaker: Janet Mock

During Georgia Tech’s Fourth Annual Black History Month Lecture, presented by AASU, Institute Diversity, and LGBTQIA Resource Center, Janet Mock, a black transgender woman activist and media personality, discussed the beauties, challenges, and implications of being black and trans. Following the lecture, attendees conversed with Mock at a reception.