The AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT UNION, has on this day April 10, 2007 gathered to ratify the "CONSTITUTION FOR THE AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT UNION OF THE GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY” henceforth Georgia Tech. In conjunction with the said constitution, the AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT UNION is charged with five fundamental responsibilities:


  1. To provide a voice for African-American students at the Georgia Institute of Technology,

  2. To promote social and cultural awareness in the Georgia Tech community,

  3. To improve and maintain relationships between African-American students and students of other ethnic backgrounds,

  4. To provide a social and cultural outlet for its members, and

  5. To take an active part in the activities of the Institute.


We shall also uphold the organization’s Eight Pillars of Unity which are:


Self Cultural Awareness

Effective Leadership

Community Service


Coalition Building

Social Awareness

Political Awareness

Economic Empowerment


It is therefore our firmest belief that these responsibilities, coupled with the guiding presence of this constitution, shall attain its goal – unified and self-determined African American students. We thereby do ordain and create this CONSTITUTION FOR THE AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT UNION.


Section A:

The name of this organization shall be the AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT UNION, hereafter referred to as AASU.

Section B:

Membership includes dues paying members of the Georgia Tech community including enrolled students, faculty and staff.

Section C:

Annual dues are $15.00 for regular membership and $30.00 for platinum membership.

Section D:

Platinum Members are entitled to certain privileges and benefits as decided by the Executive Board.



Section A:

The governing body of the AASU shall be the AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE BOARD, hereinafter referred to as "the Board".

Section B:

Eligibility for membership of the Board consists of maintaining good academic standing, a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and passing grades for all classes taken during the leadership term. Failure to maintain eligibility over the leadership term will result in immediate dismissal from the Board.

Section C:

AASU Executive Board Positions include:


  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Secretary

Committee Chairs:

  1. Black History Chair Membership Chair

  2. Black Leadership Conference Chairs (up to 2)

  3. Community Outreach

  4. Membership Chair

  5. Publications Chair

  6. Publicity Chair

  7. Social Chair



Section A:

Executive Board Elections


Elections for the AASU Executive Board Members will be held in November of every year to serve an election term from January to December of the following year.


All those interested in executive board positions are required to submit a completed application packet to qualify for candidacy for the executive board.


A complete application packet includes:

  • A completed application

  • A resume

  • A written letter of intent

  • Academic transcripts to confirm eligibility


Candidates for Officer positions, which include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, must complete an interview with the current officers and the faculty advisor, and receive two-thirds  approval to move on to the election process.


Approved Officer Candidates will then present their election speech to the general body, and candidates with the majority vote from AASU members will serve as the officers for the next election year.


Committee Chair candidates must complete an interview with current AASU Officers, Officer Elects, and the faculty advisor, and will be appointed based on a majority vote from the AASU Officers, Officer Elects, and faculty advisor.


For vacant positions during the election term, candidates will be appointed by the President with majority vote of the executive board after completing an application packet.


Section B:

Executive Board Duties

  1. All board members shall have the power of one vote with the exception of the President, who shall only vote in the case of a tie.

  2. The Board shall be presided over by the AASU President.

  3. The Board shall meet at weekly or at the request of the President or one third (1/3) of the Board members.

  4. The Board shall lead weekly General Body meetings, unless otherwise voted on by the Board.

  5. The Board shall meet during the Summer Semester at least once per month.


Section C:

Officer Duties

  • President:

    1. Serve as the official representative for AASU.

    2. Perform the duties and exercise the power of the President or any other Executive Board member in the event of their absence or removal, until the vacancy has been filled.

    3. Assemble the agenda for the Board Meetings.

    4. Have the right to advise the Board and General Body of removal of a Board member or a Board resignation.

    5. Have voting power for Executive Board positions, and none for issues up for vote, except in the case of a tie.

    6. Be responsible for external affairs, which include any matters other than the internal workings of the Executive Board, which may be, but is not limited to community organizations, campus organizations outside the purview of the AASU, faculty and staff organizations, city and state, and nationwide organizations.

    7. Produce an official transition report at the close of the term.

    8. Report to the General Body.

    9. Be responsible for upholding the integrity of the AASU.

    10. Be responsible for facilitating the establishment of goals of the organization in conjunction with the executive board using the prior year’s “yearly summary of Chapter’s Growth and Development.”


  • Vice President:

    1. Perform the duties and exercise the power of the President or any other Executive Board member in the event of their absence or removal, until the vacancy has been filled.

    2. Assist the President in the execution of the President's duties.

    3. Assist in the effective internal functioning of the AASU to include supervising Community Outreach, Membership, and Social committees

    4. Collect monthly reports from all Committee Chairs

    5. Oversee AASU calendar by reviewing event details and delegating General Body Meeting responsibilities to the Board

    6. Provide a yearly summary of the chapter’s growth and development. Produce an official transition report at the close of the term.

    7. Be the representative of the AASU during our campus celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    8. Be a voting member of the General Body.

    9. Attend meetings as called by the President.

    10. Report to the President.

    11. Be responsible for upholding the integrity of the AASU.


  • Treasurer:

    1. Oversee implementation of funding guidelines of funding sources in conjunction with the President and Vice President. This includes completing the budget requests for all AASU events in conjunction with the event coordinator.

    2. Provide written monthly progress reports to the President.

    3. Draft proposals to on-campus funding organizations, including but not limited to, the Student Government Association and Georgia Tech Student Foundation, requesting money funding for AASU events

    4. Assist in the effective internal functioning of the AASU to include supervising Black History Month and Black Leadership Conference committees

    5. Keep written records on all allocations requested and received by the AASU Board.

    6. Be prepared to present a documented financial report of all AASU accounts at each Executive Board meeting.

    7. Produce an official transition report at the close of the term.

    8. Be a voting member of the General Body.

    9. Attend meetings as called by the President.

    10. Report to the President.

    11. Be responsible for upholding the integrity of the AASU.


  • Secretary:

    1. Act as the recorder of all AASU Executive and General Body meetings.

    2. Provide a yearly summary of the chapter’s growth and development.

    3. Construct minutes to be approved by the Board.

    4. Maintain an accurate file of agendas, minutes, attendance records, monthly reports and all other materials as deemed appropriate of all Board meetings and AASU events.

    5. Assist in the effective internal functioning of the AASU to include supervising Publicity and Publications committees

    6. Maintain a system of effective communication amongst Board members and General Members

    7. Maintain the AASU website and oversee social media channels

    8. Produce written monthly report for the organization.

    9. Produce an official transition report at the close of the term .

    10. Be a voting member of the General Body.

    11. Attend meetings as called by the President.

    12. Report to the President.

    13. Be responsible for upholding the integrity of the AASU.

    14. Act as Parliamentarian during meetings of the Board.

    15. Be responsible for enforcing office hours.


Section D:

Committee Chair Duties

  • Black Leadership Conference Chair(s):

    1. Oversee development of agenda/conference (i.e. Workshop development and Speaker identification).

    2. Manage conference logistics - (i.e. Room assignments, meals, travel and transportation).

    3. Coordinate dissemination of leadership resources.

    4. Chair the Leadership Conference planning committee, which may include of a Georgia Tech Alumni counterpart who has parallel responsibilities to address alumni needs.

    5. Be responsible for developing workshop tracks for alumni, college students, and high school students.

    6. Oversee the production of the program books, and any other supplementary materials to be used by conference participants.


  • Black History Chair:

    1. Contact various departments and student organizations in the Georgia Tech community to solicit support in an effort to consolidate the work necessary to make Black History Month successful.

    2. Advocate Black History Month events to the entire campus.

    3. Create Black History Month calendar for events occurring throughout the month.

    4. Uphold the tradition of annual events including, but not limited to Martin Luther King Celebration, Onyx Ball, Black History Month Lecture, and the Black Conscious Summit.


  • Community Outreach Chair:

    1. Be responsible for overseeing and implementing all community outreach programs for AASU

    2. Elicit support from the general members for the completion of programming.

    3. Maintain communication with other service organization on campus to increase AASU participation in campus service initiatives


  • Membership Chair:

    1. Serve as official liaison between General membership and the Board

    2. Coordinate membership drive activities.

    3. Maintain membership records for current and alumni members.

    4. Obtain member input via surveys and personal contact with members.

    5. Be responsible for reserving meeting locations for the school year


  • Publications Chair:

    1. Create and distribute digital media, such as The Hueman Press, that will be available to students, alumni, and sponsors.

    2. Create themes and quotables for each monthly publication.

    3. Solicit submissions from the Executive Board and General Body members.

    4. Be responsible for producing The Onyx (Black Student Yearbook).

    5. Create and maintain the official AASU website.


  • Publicity Chair:

    1. Coordinate the creation and distribution publicity and marketing materials for AASU, including but not limited to brochures, event flyers, and organization propaganda

    2. Be in active collaboration with the publicists of other Black Student Organizations on events for the Black Community.

    3. Work to inform the AASU student population, and the Atlanta community of all activities that involve AASU with the appropriate media on and off campus.

    4. Be aware of the rules and regulations set forth by the Georgia Tech and student affairs regarding publicity.

    5. Shall compile a collection of digital media used for publicity in regards to AASU events.

    6. Be responsible for photographic documentation of events and programs


  • Social Chair:

    1. Be responsible for all AASU social events

    2. Be responsible for building the ties within the Black community through social collaboration.

    3. Create and manage a committee to coordinate social functions.

    4. Lead AASU teams efforts during events such as Homecoming and intramurals.



Section A:

When a member of the Board has been absent from three regularly scheduled meetings without adequate notification to the AASU officer or without being properly excused from the meetings, the position of the said executive board member shall be declared vacant by a majority vote of the Board.

Section B:

The General Body may present a petition to remove an executive board member from office with signatures of 75% of the membership. The position will be declared vacant with majority vote of the board.

Section C:

All seats unoccupied through ineligibility, dismissal, recall, or resignation shall be considered vacant.

Section D:

The President, with the approval of the Board, shall make appointments to fill vacancies.



Section A.

A Business Meeting is defined as a General Body Meeting that is only open to members who are eligible to vote.

Section B.

The President has the authority to establish a regular meeting as a business meeting or to establish a business meeting outside of a regular meeting time with appropriate notice


Section A:

The Advisory Board is composed of individuals with knowledge and expertise in helping make sure that the AASU’s organization functions to positively impact the members, the Georgia Tech community, and the surrounding community. Individuals appointed to this committee make worthwhile contributions to make the programming, development, overall focus, and management of the African American Student Union efficient. Georgia Tech administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as Platinum level sponsors are eligible to serve as Advisory board members to the Executive board of the African American Student Union. The Advisory Board plays an invaluable role in the success of the organization. The Advisory Board is organized and overseen by the President of the African American Student Union.

Section B:

The Advisory Board shall:

  1. Provide guidance and expertise to the business affairs for AASU.

  2. Input into the overall structure, focus, and development of the organization.

  3. Act as liaison with campus and community groups.

  4. Brainstorm ideas and strategies to be employed by the organization.

  5. Act as advocates for AASU on campus, as well as in arenas where students are not allowed.

  6. Project ideas for future programming and development.
  7. Evaluate the AASU’s effectiveness in meeting its mission and goals.


Section C:

Meetings are to be held twice a semester and must be planned and organized by the AASU President. The President is in charge of making an agenda for the Advisory Board and the Vice President is in charge of keeping minutes. In case of the Vice President’s absence, the AASU Secretary will then be requested to attend and take minutes.