The Double Standard and Resulting Confusion from the Conviction of Peter Liang

Peter Liang, an NYPD officer responsible for the fatal 2014 shooting of Akai Gurley, has been convicted and charged with second-degree manslaughter. Hooray for justice, right? Well, the Asian American community is protesting the New York judicial system, seeing as Liang is the first NYPD officer to be convicted in a police-involved shooting in 10 years. Is it a simple coincidence that Liang is a minority? Many are upset that Liang has been charged, while several of his white NYPD counterparts have not been indicted for similar, more "intentional" crimes. The Asian-American community feels that Liang is unfairly being used as a "scapegoat" by the majority white NYPD, in order to appease the ongoing protests surround the lack of convictions in response to police brutality. 

Check out the following articles to hear the different sides of this complicated social justice issue, and the reasons why Liang was ultimately convicted.