This week in AASU

Just in case you missed some AASU meetings take a look at what we discussed!


During this General Body Meeting, AASU focused on the Self-Cultural Awareness and Coalition Building pillars        in discussing the new movie, "Black Panther", and the African Diaspora. This meeting, AASU partnered with the African Student Association to discuss representation, dispora, culture, identity and Afro-Futurism. AASU also announced the partnership with the Nu Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., for teh Lip Sync Battle (#GTLSB).


During this General Body Meeting the topic was "Nappy by Nature," which focused on the Self-Cultural Awarenes Pillar. AASU delved into black hair care, types of hair, and also chose a panel of General Body AASU members, Chris Muse, DeLauryn Brown, Brett Broughton, Malaikatu Kargbo, and Makala Muhammed, to discuss the norms of their hair care routine. To embrace the hair talk happening in AASU at this meeting, AASU's Social Chair, Malaikatu Kargbo, offered free braids to any General Body member that came to the meeting and signed in, so be on the lookout for that winner. Also a big shotout to Ashleigh Wright for being AASU Genral Body Member for the month of February!


During this General Body Meeting AASU was honored to be able to have the founders of "Georgia Tech Afro-American Association" or "GTAAA", Hayward Solomon and William Stanley, better known as AASU now, to come speak with us. Not only did William Stanley help found GTAAA, but he also designed the GT Olympic Aquatics center that is housed in the CRC. The two of them, expressed their main reasons for founding the organization and definitely inspired teh AASU General Body and Executive Board to really put their best foot forward on and off of campus in all aspects of life. 


During this General Body Meeting AASU focused on Self-Cultural Awareness in discussing the evolution of music. All the way from the 60s to the present day. AASU also discussed the impact that older generations of music have had on current generations as well as the major differences in sounds, rhythm, beats, messages , and purposes of different music. 


During this weeks AASU General Body Meeting, there was a focus on Self-Cultural Awareness in the discussion of the topic of "Black Love." The winner of the AASU Black History Month Scavenger Hunt was also announced. So, a big congratulations to Ashleigh Wright!


During this General Body Meeting AASU kicked off Black History Month, with a focus on the Coalition Builiding and   Self-Cultural Awareness. The Keynote Speaker for Black History Month, Angela Rye, was revealed during the meeting as well as the AASU Black History Month Scavenger Hunt on Snapchat!


During this General Body Meeting AASU focused on Scholarship, we discussed the importance of mental and physical health, especially during the most stressful times of the year like the first round fo midterms, better known as "Hell Week." The organization revive also made an appearance at the meeting and the President of the organization, Mykala Sinclair, explained the purpose and importance of their organization and how helpful they can be during difficult times. 


During the first meeting of the year, we revealed the new Executive Board for 2018 and teh 50th Anniversary of the African American Student Union on Georgia Tech's Campus.